Round Six Gunsmithing Prices

This is a list of our most common gunsmithing services performed, if you don't see what you need please feel free to ask. Unless otherwise stated there is a $35 minimum shop fee. For inspection and diagnosis of non-working firearms, this fee will be applied to the final quoted price if you have the work done.

15% discount on all gunsmith services for active duty military and LEO. We thank you for your service.

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General work

Detailed cleaning: Complete take down, inspection, hand cleaning, proper lubrication, safety check, and reassembly...$65

Bore sighting: Professional boresighting...$25

Sight installation: Removal of existing sights, mounting and bore sighting...starting at $45, (stake on sights, tritium insert sights add $15)

Trigger jobs: Polishing and fitting for smoother pull and less take up...starting at $120, revolvers starting at $150

Trigger installations: Install aftermarket trigger ...$65


Parts fitting: Triggers ...$60,  Thumb safety...$80, Hammers ...$70 (+parts)

Barrel fitting: Non-ramped barrel ...$120, ramped ...$140

Fit barrel bushing:  ...$80 (+bushing)

Polish feed ramp:  ...$50

Checker front strap: 30 LPI ...$150 (refinishing not included)

Front sight: Install stake on front sight ...$40 (w/tritium inserts add $15)

Contouring, beveling, frame modifications: Billed hourly

Custom builds:








Shotguns/Bolt actions

General work

Detailed cleaning: Complete take down, inspection, hand cleaning, proper lubrication, safety check, and reassembly...$70 (Browning A5  + $40)

Bore sightingProfessional boresighting...$25

Sight/Scope installation: Mounting and boresighting...$45 (ring lapping +$15)

Ghost ring sites: Drilling and tapping of receiver, installation of sights...$65

Bead Sights: Install bead sights...$35 per bead

Picatinny rail: Install (existing holes)...$35, Drill and tap...+$65

Swivel installation: Drill stock and install mounting hardware...$30 (+parts)

Glass bedding: Take down, inspection, glass bed action, and reassembly...starting at $120

Chamber casting: Take down, cleaning, mold casting, and reassembly...$80

Stock work

Refinishing: Field grade finish ...$120-$165. Mid-grade finish (filled grain, hand rubbed) ...$165 - $250. High end finish ...$300+ (prices may vary due to existing wood conditions/finishes)

Stock repair:  Cracks/chips ...$80 - $100 (includes touch up refinishing). Broken stocks ...pricing varies

Recoil pad installation: Remove existing pad, install new pad, grind profile, and polish...starting at $80 + parts

Adjustable pad installation:  Starting at $120 + parts

Inletting: Fitting semi-inletted stocks ...hourly



Ar-15 Rifle

General work

Detailed cleaning: Complete take down, inspection, hand cleaning, proper lubrication, safety check, and reassembly...$75

Bore sightingProfessional boresighting...$25

Sight/scope installation: Mounting and boresighting...$45 (ring lapping +$20)

AR lower assembly: From supplied parts...$45

AR upper assembly: From supplied parts...$45

Complete AR assembly: Professional upper and lower assembly from supplied parts...$80

NJ compliance work: Pin and weld attached muzzle brake...$70, bayonet lug removal...$45, pin stock...$25

Trigger installations: Install new trigger group...$45

Install free-float handguard:  Remove existing handguard, FSB, and installation...$30

Install gas block: Clamp on style ... $30, dimple barrel ...$45, "bullet-proof" style ...$60

FSB Install:  Drill holes and ream for taper pins...$70

Custom builds: Down payment to cover parts is

 (Prices may vary by model and manufacturer)

All prices are labor only unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Parts installed with a thread locker and/or parts that are excessively dirty may incur additional charges.

We reserve the right to refuse any work that would render a firearm unsafe. We will not remove or deactivate any firearm safeties.