Round Six Gunsmithing Policies and Terms of Service

All repair work and other services by Round Six Gunsmithing LLC are done in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.


We stand behind our work and will make every effort to ensure 100% customer satisfaction; however, Round Six Gunsmithing can not be responsible for manufacturing defects on original or newly purchased parts.

Used parts are sometimes required especially on older firearms, and these parts will only be installed after we deem them to be satisfactory, and are not warranted.

Please be aware that any modification of a firearm other than those of the original manufacture will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Shipping and Transfer Policies

Round Six Gunsmithing LLC will not be held liable for any damages or defects when transferring items from, or to third parties.

We reserve the right by law, to refuse the transfer of any firearm to someone who is under the influence or in what we deem to be suspicious circumstances.

In ALL cases you acknowledge that you are the sole owner of the item(s) received.

Please note that any items received that are not NJ Compliant will be made so before the transfer, and be billed to the customer at our current rates.

Payment and Pick up

The customer that brought in the firearm(s) is the only person authorized to receive them.  Please have your ID when picking up your firearm(s).

Final payment for any work is due upon completion. We will notify you as soon as your firearm is ready for pick up. Firearms left in our inventory after 30 days of contacting the customer will incur a $0.50 per day/per firearm charge.

Firearms not picked up after 180 days (without prior approval) will be considered abandoned and become the property of Round Six Gunsmithing LLC.