Round Six Gunsmithing Bluing

We offer three types of bluing. Rust, Hot Bluing, and Cold Bluing.

Rust Bluing

This is the more durable of the bluing finishes and also the most labor intensive. The process involves coating the firearm in a solution that literally rusts the metal, then the metal is placed in boiling water to convert the red/brown rust to black oxide. The residual black oxide is then "carded" off. This process is repeated until the desired finish is achieved (usually around 3-6 times). The firearm is then polished and placed in an oil bath overnight.

This process is generally used for restorations, or in cases where the firearm cannot be blued in a hot solution because of soldered parts.

Hot Bluing

This finish is arguably less durable than a rust blue finish; however, it is the way manufacturers have done it for many years. The process involves immersing the metals in a heated chemical solution. It is a much more cost effective method and one that we use the most often here at the shop. Certain solutions are available to blue stainless steel parts as well.

Cold Bluing

Cold Bluing is not very durable and does not offer much rust resistance. It usually involves simply wiping on/off a chemical solution. We use this method for small touch ups, on scratches, or where it would be cost prohibitive for the customer to re-blue an entire firearm.

Our Process

As with all refinishing projects, proper preparation is 90% of the work. We take great care in insuring everything remains clean and uncontaminated. Blasting with aluminum oxide, glass beads, or good old-fashioned hand sanding is used to remove the old finish. The firearm is then cleaned, and thoroughly degreased before moving on to the actual bluing process.

Certain metals that can't be blued, such as aluminum receivers, can be color matched as close as possible using cerakote.

This shotgun was both blued and cerakoted by us for a near perfect match. You can find before and after shots of this firearm on our facebook page.


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