Round Six Gunsmithing FFL Transfers

Yes, we accept transfers

All transfers are done according to state and federal laws.


Pricing for transfers is $35 plus $15 for the NICS check. Add $5 for each additional item (up to 4).

There is no transfer fee when buying a firearm through us.

We will ship a firearm to another FFL for $35 each, plus shipping cost.

Transfer Procedures

Please call or email us when you have a transfer that will be sent to our shop. If it is a company we have not dealt with before they will need for us to send our FFL information for their records before shipment. Please have ready your contact information and Invoice/Receipt# when contacting us.

Upon arriving at the shop, your item(s) will be unpacked, logged into our books, and placed in our safe. Please allow at least 1 business day before inquiring about your item(s). In most cases we will call you on the same day it is delivered and schedule an appointment.

When picking up your item(s) please have your Driver's License, or valid Government issued photo I.D., Firearms I.D. card, and purchase permit (for handguns). Be prepared to fill out the necessary forms, and wait for your NICS results (this can take anywhere from 10-45 minutes, and in some cases several hours). Most customers opt to return the next day in which case we will contact you with the results of the NICS as soon as received.

Transfer Policies

Round Six Gunsmithing LLC will not be held liable for any damages or defects when transferring items from, or to third parties.

We reserve the right by law, to refuse the transfer of any firearm to someone who is under the influence or in what we deem to be suspicious circumstances.

In ALL cases you acknowledge that you are the sole owner of the item(s) received.

Items received that are not NJ Compliant will be made so before the transfer, and be billed to the customer at our current rates.

Firearms left in our inventory after 30 days of contacting the customer will incur a $0.50 per day/per item charge.
Firearms not picked up after 180 days (without prior approval) will be considered abandoned and become the property of Round Six Gunsmithing LLC.